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Learn The Secrets Of Advanced Prehistoric Cultures

The history of humanity on our planet is much richer and more complex than most people have been led to believe. On our site, you'll find in-depth information about creatures, entities, and interdimensional beings that have been left out of mainstream texts.

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Connect with the Universal Mind and access abilities that annihilate previously perceived limits of human potential

Our Mission

Raising planetary consciousness, one person at a time

Our goal is to provide online courses, tools, and resources to accelerate the journey of each person who chooses to walk an enlightened path. The courses offered on this site are designed to meet everyone where he or she is. This is true no matter if you show up as a Spiritual Teacher, devoted student, or complete newbie to the world of mysticism.

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Attune Yourself To The Frequency Of True Abundance

Attract love, abundance, health, and success in all areas of life, by working WITH Universal law. Break free from self-sabotage, align with your Soul's path, achieve true and lasting satisfaction.

Reconnect With Infinite Intelligence

Balance Body, Mind, And Spirit

Answer Your Heart's Calling

Tap into the genius of our natural world and awaken to the power that connects us all. Experience the divine evolution of consciousness that takes place as you realign yourself to the frequencies of Mother Earth.

Witness the "Magical" manifestations that take place when Body, Mind, and Soul are all aligned and working together. Clear the painful experiences and energetic blocks that are stuck in your system and causing havoc.

Dive into a passion or career that inspires you to jump out of bed each morning and keep going strong all day long. We have courses that will provide you with the skills needed to make a huge contribution on this planet!

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Begin, now, to move forward in a way that fulfills YOUR unique life purpose. Step out from the shadows of mediocrity and into the halls of greatness. Utilize our signature training systems to maximize your true potential and get much more joy out of life!